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Flower Care

There are some important steps you should follow if you want the flowers you bought or have offered to embellish your environment for as long as possible.
To begin with, cut the stems of the flowers obliquely using a special flower cutter or a common sharp knife & no scissors. In this way the pores are better opened up so that the stem absorbs enough water. This process must be done immediately before placing them in the jar, even if they are already cut by the florist. Always make sure that the water is clean.
Clean the flower pot every two days, renew the water, wash the flower stems thoroughly and repeat the cut.
Special preservatives that prolong the life of the flowers and fight against water bacteria can be obtained from the florist.

How to tace care of the Flower Arrengements.

An arrengement of fresh flowers is usually made in a special floral sponge and its maintenance process is relatively simple.
Be sure to provide water to the flower arrengement (more precisely in the center) on a daily basis so that the sponge does not dry out.
Thus the stems of the flowers can absorb the necessary amount of water they need to keep them fresh and beautiful.


For the best preservation of both cut flowers for vase and floral arrangements created in floral sponge, the right condition is the right temperature.
Flowers are kept longer at low temperatures, so place them in a cool place away from heat and air sources.