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Forever blue roses in an impressive black box!Box dimensions:12 x12cm ..
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Forever blue and red roses in an impressive black box! ..
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Two red roses in a glass that last 3-5-years! Dimensions: H25cm D17cm ..
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(This product can be sent only in the region of Attica.)A beautiful bouquet in light & dark pink colours! ..
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(This product can be sent only in the region of Attica.A bouquet of unique red roses that compinates passion and beauty! ..
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Λαμπάδα με λυσίανθο, σομόν και λευκά τριαντάφυλλα! ..
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Pachira in a ceramic pot.It's considered to be a plant that brings good luck and money to our home!Height : 55cm ..
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Huge bouquet with 100 red roses!(This product can be sent only in the region of Attica.) ..
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(This product can be sent only in the region of Attica.)Flower arrengement in romantic style with pale colors, in a square decorative box! The box is also available in black! Dimensions: 18cm x 18cm ..
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Big Kentia in a ceramic pot - indoor plant! ..
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Japanese BonsaiTree in a white ceramic pot! Dimensions: H40 cm L25cm ..
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(This product can be only sent in the region of Attica.)Japanese Bonsai tree in a white ceramic pot.Dimensions: H45 cm L30cm ..
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