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Small Cymbidium box

Box with imressive orange orchids cymbidium!Box dimensions: 12 x12cm Box color: Black or White ..

28.00€ Ex Tax: 28.00€

Small Pachira

Pachira in a ceramic pot.It's considered to be a plant that brings good luck and money to o..

30.00€ Ex Tax: 30.00€

Spring Candle

Round candles with wreath of anemones, freesias, lysianthus, spray roses in yellow, white, purple an..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Summer Boat

Impressive flower arrengement of white and blue roses, anthuriums & orchids in a wooden boat and..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Summer Nature

A bouquet with aster flower in a sack of natural burlap decorated with starfish & shells! ..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Sweet Pink

Decorative metallic accessories and flower arrengements of pink and white roses, mini olive plants a..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€


Round candles with impressive wreaths of lila & white alstroemerias, lysianthus, roses and&..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

White & Simple

Γιρλάντα αυτοκινήτου από τριαντάφυλλα και χαμομήλι. ..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

White Moon

Knitted balls, impressive white bamboo  moons, metal cages, fuchsia & pink fabrics and rose..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Wild Country

Round candles with wreaths of small colorful seasonal flowers like anemones, freesias and tulips! ..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Yellow Spring

An impressive bouquet with lilies and roses in orange and yellow colours! ..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 35.00€


Square candles with a modern flower arrengement made of white roses, zantedesias and trachelium! ..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Βeautiful and Εccentric

Flower arrengement with trachelium, zanthedesia, roses, hydrangea and ornithogalum! ..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Μικρό Μπουκέτο με βάζο

(This product can be sent only in the region of Attica.)Μικρό Μπουκέτο με λουλούδια του αγρ..

25.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€


Ορτανσία σε λευκό πύλινο σε τρία διαφορετικά χρώματα. Ροζ , μπλέ και Λευκό. ..

25.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€