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(This product can be only sent in the region of Attica.)Black luxury round box with impressive red roses! Choose close top with the roses inside the box, or open top with the roses out of the box. Box dimensions: D20cm x H14cm *The number of the roses depends each time on their..
66,00€ Ex Tax:66,00€
13 Red Forever roses in luxury round black box!Box dimensions: 20cm x 14cm ..
125,00€ Ex Tax:125,00€
13 Red Forever roses in luxury round white box!Box dimensions: 20 x 14cm ..
125,00€ Ex Tax:125,00€
(This product can be only sent in the region of Attica.)Luxury black heart box with red roses, chocolates, strawberries (or other seasonal fruit) and a white orchid flower !Box dimensions: W 22cm x H 12cm                   &nb..
55,00€ Ex Tax:55,00€
(This product can be sent within the region of Attica.)Black heart-shaped box with impressive red roses! Box dimensions: W22cm x H12cm*The number of the roses in the heart depends each time on their size. ..
66,00€ Ex Tax:66,00€
16 red Forever roses in luxury square box!Box dimensions: 18cm x 18cm ..
160,00€ Ex Tax:160,00€
17 red  Forever roses in a luxury heart-shaped black box!Box dimensions: 30cm x 25cm x 16cm ..
175,00€ Ex Tax:175,00€
Forever teddy bear Red - Red teddy bear made from artificial flowers in a decorative glass. Glass dimensions: W22cm x H32cm ..
85,00€ Ex Tax:85,00€
Forever red roses in a square luxury black box!Box size : 28cm ..
235,00€ Ex Tax:235,00€
Forever red roses in a luxury heart-shaped black box. Box dimensions: W36 x L30x H17cm ..
290,00€ Ex Tax:290,00€
Red rose in a beautiful glass that lasts 3-5 years! Dimensions: H22cm D14cm  ..
37,00€ Ex Tax:37,00€
Forever teddy bear blue XL - Πολύ Μεγάλο Μπλε αρκουδάκι απο τεχνητά τριαντάφυλλα . 70 εκ ..
320,00€ Ex Tax:320,00€