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Black luxury round box with impressive red roses! Choose close top with the roses inside the box, or open top with the roses out of the box. Box dimensions: D20cm x H14cm *The number of the roses depends each time on their size. ..
59,00€ Ex Tax:59,00€
Luxury black heart box with red roses, chocolates, strawberries (or other seasonal fruit) and a white orchid flower !Box dimensions: W 22cm x H 12cm                                      ..
49,00€ Ex Tax:49,00€
Black heart-shaped box with impressive red roses! Box dimensions: W22cm x H12cm*The number of the roses in the heart depends each time on their size. ..
59,00€ Ex Tax:59,00€
Flower arrengement in linen fabric with sunflowers in joyful spring colors! You can also add red roses.Dimensions: H30cm x D25cm *( depending on the season the sunflowers may be replaced by a similar variety of gerberas) ..
44,00€ Ex Tax:44,00€
A beautiful bunch of 12 big blue roses! ..
63,00€ Ex Tax:63,00€
Flowers Card ..
2,50€ Ex Tax:2,50€
Impressive bouquet with 20 pink and 20 somon roses. ..
115,00€ Ex Tax:115,00€
Red rose in a beautiful glass that lasts 3-5 years! Dimensions: H27cm D17cm  ..
48,00€ Ex Tax:48,00€
A chic and classic bunch of 13 red velvet roses! ..
42,00€ Ex Tax:42,00€
Special bouquet with 13 colorful roses! ..
65,00€ Ex Tax:65,00€
Bunch of 6 red and 5 blue special roses!  ..
54,00€ Ex Tax:54,00€
A bunch of 3 orchids cymbidium! ..
105,00€ 90,00€ Ex Tax:90,00€