Ordering Methods


a) Order by phone
Contact us by calling 210 9340138 and provide the details you will be asked to properly process your order.

b) Online Order
To make an on-line order, you must be either a member of the Maison des fleurs e-shop or just a guest.
If you have already signed up, continue with the following steps, or fill out the membership form to get an account and access online orders.

1. Select the product and click Add. If you want an accompanying item, then check the box, then click Add.

2. Confirm that you have selected the desired product and the quantity you want to order and click Finish.
If you have chosen the wrong product or just changed your mind, tick the Delete box.
If you want to send another product to the same recipient, click Continue purchases.

3. Shipping Information
Post Address: Your registered address will always appear as a registered member of the site. If you do not wish to be the addressee but another person with a new address then press Change address, fill in the form with the recipient's details and click Continue.

4. How to Ship
Choose the way you want to send:
a) Personal order receipt from the store.
b) Delivery of a Courier order. In this case you select the area where the delivery will take place, as some areas of Attica are charged with shipping costs.

5. Select the date of delivery of the order from the calendar.

6. Fill in the Card field with the greeting message that you want to accompany your order.

7. In the Comments field, please provide (optional) additional useful information for the correct ordering of the order.

8. Click Continue.

9. Payment Methods
Choose your preferred form of payment:
a) Credit card for on line market, where you will then be asked for your credit card details to make your online transaction with the bank.
b) Bank Deposit, where you will then see the bank accounts (simple and IBAN) where the money will be deposited.

10. Discount Coupon - Discount Coupon
If you have received a discount coupon with your password via e-mail from our online store, then enter this code in the field you want to receive your discount.

11. Click Continue.

12. Order Confirmation
All items that you have selected and entered to send the order, as well as the total amount of billing, appear in a collective way.
Please check carefully that all items are correct and valid. - If you point out an error, you can fix it by posting Edit -.
Proceed to Order Confirmation.

13. You are at the final stage of the order where you receive an informative and thank you message.
Your order has already been posted and sent to our online store.

* If your online purchase was made with a Bank Deposit, the store will contact you by phone before completing the order.