Order Shipping

Orders can be shipped within 7 days of the week. From 9:00 am until 11:00 pm.
-All ATHENS trades are shipped the same day.

Your order must be made at least 3 hours earlier than the delivery time, so that there is enough time to create and timely shipping the product.

- Sending flowers to the province and abroad is done ONLY by telephone  contact with our store.

-On great holidays such as Mother's Day, Valentine, Christmas, New Year, it is necessary to make the order at least one day before the delivery date.

-You can see the transportation cost for the regions that are charged in the list that you will find in the order form of the product you have chosen, where you are asked to choose the shipping area.

-In each case it is preceded by telephone contact with the recipient, both for his immediate service and for avoiding any problem that may occur.

-If you encounter a problem, we will contact you directly to resolve your issue and the best outcome of your order.

-If one of the products is not available, then it is replaced by another similar value and beauty.