Bridal car

Bridal car

It's the moment that the bride approaches the church and everyone including the groom is looking forward to see her coming. As they're waiting for her... they can't help themselves staring at the car's beautiful flower decoration... until... the bride gets out of it and of course makes the biggest impression!

 Bouquets in the mirrors and round composition made of blue hydrangea, grass and green leaves! ..
A beautiful flower arrengement of roses, green chrysanthemum, gypsophila and asparagus! ..
Heart-shaped hedera leaves and small flower compositions of white roses and lysianthus! ..
A flower arrengement of white roses, gypsophila and  olive leaves! ..
Flower arrengement with trachelium, zanthedesia, roses, hydrangea and ornithogalum! ..
Car flower arrengement with white oriental, roses, orchids and a variety of foliage! ..
Bridal flower arrangement made of white orchids, lysianthus and aspidistras leaves! ..
Flower arrengement made of hydrangea, lysianthum, roses, peonies and impressive foliage! ..
Double heart made of style-grass and flower arrengements of roses and lysianthus in white and light ..