After 30 years of experience in floral decoration we are able to create for you the wedding of your dreams.

Quality in flower, modern design, professional florists, wide range of materials and accessories but above all, creativity and passion that ensure an impressive result and simultaneously make each wedding unique.



A rich arch of eucalyptus foliage and pink roses welcome the couple at the entrance to the temple as a good omen for their future life!
White and pink peonies, hydrangeas and orchids adorn the interior of the temple as well as the wonderful place of the reception … where the guests will express their warm greetings for a happy ever after life!

Impressive church and reception decoration with white and pink flowers Aromatic freesias, romantic paonies, rich eucalyptus leaves and glass candlesticks create a beautiful scene with vintage elements!

Simple but very impressive and classy flower decoration with white zanthedesias and accompanying foliage in the Zolotas estate.
Impressive candles and large white lanterns perfect match with the natural beauty of the landscape and the small temple with its distinctive architectural beauty.

A beautiful and romantic adornment perfectly in harmony with the natural environment and the stone church of St. Nicholas in the Gaia estate.
White knitted wreaths with flowers and an arbor of pink and white roses that embrace the temple entrance and also candles placed on impressive wooden bases.

A modern and at the same time romantic decoration, made up of glasses, white lanterns, arch and hanging balls of white hydrangeas, lilac roses, ornithogalum and light green santini, perfectly complement the setting in a fairy-stone chapel in the Naias estate.

The white charm combined with the simplicity and luster that candlelight gives, create a magical and touching atmosphere! White roses, lysianthus and orchids are highlighted by the green foliage and the aromatic eucalyptus that accompanies them!

If you want to impress your guests then peony is one of the flowers you should choose to decorate your wedding!
In combination with roses, orchids, santini and hydrangeas, the result will be extremely impressive and very stylish!

In the cosmopolitan island of Hydra, a wonderful marriage took place against the backdrop of the beautiful blue of the sea.

The elegance of white is timeless and always constitutes a sure and complete proposal for a successful adornment.

The beauty of the wild is unique, as is the moment of your wedding.

Intense colors and eccentric flowers are framed by the beautiful olive green and create an impressive result.

Red of passion and love!
Traditional winter color full of tension and warmth. Compositions with shades of green and red in a trendy line harmonize perfectly with wood and cinnamons and create a stunning winter setting to fascinate you.


One of the most important moments of your life was undoubtedly the birth of your child.

Your world is this child who gives to your everyday life a great deal of joy, love and pride. You want to offer him/her the best to become a complete and happy human, starting from his/her Baptism where you give him/her his/her name … as unique as your own child.

We are well aware of this desire and we are next to you to create together the most beautiful memories of the future.

Traditional Weddings

Purple Country

Oct 03, 2017  |  Events

Wedding in the countryside … bright colors such as purple, rotten apple, lilacs, logs and wood, ribbons waving, bamboo elements and decorative ropes perfectly fill in the setting and take off the ceremony.

Romantic Wedding

Oct 23, 2014  |  Events

White orchids with pink roses and white lyres are ideal flowers for a romantic wedding.

Pure White

Oct 23, 2014  |  Events

White is directly related to marriage and is considered to be the ultimate color.

Chic & Simple

Oct 22, 2014  |  Events

Elegance and simplicity is a dynamic combination that fits into every place and at the same time it can bring out its beautiful elements.



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