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Flower arrangements

Χριστουγεννιάτικες Συνθέσεις
Χριστουγεννιάτικες Συνθέσεις

Wonderful flower arrangements on various bases and beautiful decorative elements!


Flower arrengement in a basket with impressive red roses! Dimensions : D35 cm ..
68,00€ Ex Tax:68,00€
Flower arrangement with pink roses, gerberas and orchid cymbidium in a square ceramic pot !Dimensiond: H30cm x W20cm ..
68,00€ 61,00€ Ex Tax:61,00€
Flower arrangement in a basket with a variety of flowers in pink colours! Dimensions: D45cm ..
65,00€ 55,00€ Ex Tax:55,00€
White orchid cymbydium in a vase with grass and aspidistra. Dimensions: H50cm χ D15cm ..
69,00€ Ex Tax:69,00€
Flower arrangement in a wooden pot with a variety of warm spring colorful flowers. Dimensions: H55cm x W40cm ..
67,00€ Ex Tax:67,00€
White flower arrangement with roses, chrysanthemums and liliums to express your deepest sympathies. Dimensions: H55cm x W40cm ..
74,00€ Ex Tax:74,00€
Impressive flower arrangemnet in a white ceramic pot with roses and orchids in pink colors! Dimensions: H30cm x D40cm ..
78,00€ 65,00€ Ex Tax:65,00€
Flower arrangement with orchrids cymbidium, roses and strelitzias and tulipsin a white luxury box. Dimensions: H60cm x W30cm ..
78,00€ Ex Tax:78,00€
20 red roses in a vase with vines. Dimensions : H50cm x D20cm ..
86,00€ Ex Tax:86,00€
Flower arrengement with tulips, orchids, roses and sterlitsias. Dimensions: H80cm x L25cm  ..
95,00€ Ex Tax:95,00€
Impressive flower arrangement in a white ceramic pot with a variety of pink and white flowers!  Dimensions : H80cm x W40cm ..
126,00€ 108,00€ Ex Tax:108,00€
Big impressive flower arrangement in a basket with blue roses, orchids, hydrangea, alstromerias and many other seasonal flowers. Dimensions: H80cm x D80cm ..
225,00€ Ex Tax:225,00€