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Bussiness Gifts

Business Gifts

Flower and plant arrangements ideal for business and corporate gifts for thanksgiving, celebrations and new beginnings!

Sansevieria plant in a white ceramic pot.Dimensions: 50cm height / 20 width  ..
35,00€ Ex Tax:35,00€
Flower arrengement with orchids, fir and christmas decoration!Dimensions:  H48cm  L45cm ..
48,00€ Ex Tax:48,00€
Classic Plant Composition
Out Of Stock
Colourful Plant Composition with a variety of small plants! ..
29,00€ Ex Tax:29,00€
(Το συγκεκριμένο προϊόν αποστέλλεται μόνο στην ευρύτερη περιοχή της Αττικής.)Orchid Phalaenopsis in a fashionable pot.You can choose among 3 colours -White, Lila & purple! ..
35,00€ Ex Tax:35,00€
(Το συγκεκριμένο προϊόν αποστέλλεται μόνο στην ευρύτερη περιοχή της Αττικής.)Δύο λευκές ορχιδέες Phalaenopsis σε ένα ανθρακί κεραμικό πύλινο. ..
63,00€ Ex Tax:63,00€
Impressive medium plant composition with a variety of small plants! ..
65,00€ Ex Tax:65,00€
Plant composition with orchids , zamia and a alocasia! ..
95,00€ Ex Tax:95,00€
Big Kentia in a ceramic pot - indoor plant! ..
110,00€ Ex Tax:110,00€
Japanese BonsaiTree in a white ceramic pot! Dimensions: H40 cm L25cm ..
30,00€ Ex Tax:30,00€
Bonsai 1
Out Of Stock
(This product can be only sent in the region of Attica.)Japanese Bonsai tree in a white ceramic pot.Dimensions: H45 cm L30cm ..
55,00€ Ex Tax:55,00€
Bonsai 3
Out Of Stock
Japanese Bonsai Tree in a grey ceramic pot! Dimensions: H60 cm L30cm ..
68,00€ Ex Tax:68,00€