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Wedding - Baptism

06 Sep Burgundy Wedding
superadmin 0 36
13 Oct Pastel Coloured Wedding
superadmin 0 931
The decoration of the Alsos Nimfon estate with the beautiful stone chapel reminds of a fairy tale scene. The pink of the powder in combination with the white feathers, the roses in the shade of rotten..
04 Sep Hydrangea Wedding
01 Sep Boho Wedding
superadmin 0 657
Decoration in a free "boho" style ideal for green country areas. Pampas feathers in natural shade combined with straw, special foliage and white hydrangea give maximum expression to both the lively an..
01 Sep Maroon Wedding
maisondesfleurs 0 437
Impressive floral decoration in burgundy shades for couples who want and know how to stand out. Special flowers such as astilbe, achillea, dahlia and spray roses that emerge from the intense aromatic ..
14 Apr Green Elegance
superadmin 0 12435
The charm of white combined with the simplicity and glow of the candlelight, create a magical and touching atmosphere!All-white roses, lisianthus and orchids stand out vividly through the lush foliage..
01 Apr Red Carpet
superadmin 0 462
The luxury of the red carpet amidst multidimensional imposing white compositions create the feeling of a "royal wedding". Gold bases in a modern style and accompanying candle jars beautifully frame th..
31 Mar White and Blue
superadmin 0 437
When the mansion white marries the blue of the sea then the result can only be magical. Airy flower arrangements with touches of blue eryngium, fragrant freesias, white hydrangeas and impressive peoni..
23 Feb Blue Half Arch
0 754
Small stone chapels decorated in a romantic style with simple but very elegant decoration.Flowering candles and arches of fresh flowers harmonize with the beauty of nature and the stone of the surroun..
13 Jan Glamorous
maisondesfleurs 0 4345
The elegance of white is timeless and is always a sure and complete proposal for a successful decoration. It exudes purity, love, respect, elegance and in any space it is placed automatically transfor..
13 Jan Pure White
superadmin 0 10573
A modern yet romantic decoration consisting of an arch, candles, glass candlesticks and beautiful compositions with white orchids, hydrangeas, peonies, peonies, ornithogalums, roses, lisianthus and or..
30 Dec Blue Circle
superadmin 0 407
A wonderful summer setting for your little prince, with the white chapel and the flowering garland on top of it dominating. Richly decorated in white boxes with blue and white flowers, perfect to cove..
30 Dec Golden Baptism
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A wonderful summer setting for your little prince, with the white chapel and the flowering garland on top of it dominating. Richly decorated in white boxes with blue and white flowers, perfect to cove..
16 Jul Hot Air balloon
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Airy decoration in romantic style for your little fairy!Transparent balloons with feathers and feathers lift the lovely arrangements of hydrangeas, gerberas, peonies and roses in bright shades of pink..
01 Jul Miami Style
maisondesfleurs 0 1027
Unique decoration in earthy tones and with subtle floral colored accents. Vases draped in natural burlap host bouquets of palm leaves, ears of wheat and pampa grass branches.The candles with their lin..
20 Nov Field pouch
maisondesfleurs 0 592
Unique decoration in earthy colors and with subtle floral colored accents. A special pouch and an arch joined by a fabric with chamomile, lavender and ash. The candles are placed on sea wood stands wi..
15 Sep Wedding arch
superadmin 0 1032
White luxury that leaves the best impressions!The decoration outside is particularly intense and imposing as modern flower arrangements in white square boxes flood the hallway, which leads the couple ..
14 Sep Tropical
0 566
Special floral arrangements of exotic flowers and foliage in a modern line, create a very tropical and eccentric setting for your little lion cub.The vibrant colours of orange Sterlitsia, yellow crasp..
06 Sep White Rain
0 2163
Imposing white cubes with impressive compositions of colourful roses decorate the outer corridor of the temple, while between them intertwine lush green garlands that create the ultimate contrast with..
15 Sep The circle of Love
superadmin 0 7735
Simple & unpretentious compositions in a round modern line with flowers in winter colors full of intensity and warmth. Decorations with metallic elements harmonize perfectly with the season and the en..