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Payment methods

Our online store offers a wide range of payment methods.


1. Using your paypal account.


2. Using a credit or a debit card. We accept the following major credit cards:  Visa, Mastercard and Diners. The payment process is made in Eurobanks secure environment (SSL) so  you can be sure that only you and the bank know's about your card information. 


3. Bank account deposits. You can deposit the amount you wish in the following bank accounts:

TΡΑΠΕΖA ΕΘΝΙΚΗ    GR1701101530000015340187531  ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΩ ΚΥΡΩΣΗ
TΡΑΠΕΖA EUROBANK    GR2402600330000260200781385  ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΩ ΚΥΡΩΣΗ
ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ  GR3401715900006590138525035  ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΩ ΚΥΡΩΣΗ
ALPHA BANΚ  GR1001408640864002002009038  ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΩ ΚΥΡΩΣΗ
 NOTE : Your deposit must indicate your name. Your order will be executed after confirmation of your deposit by our staff.  If you wish to speed up the process, you can sent a confirmation of your paiment to